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Managing social platforms, creating content, running digital ads, writing copy, processing data, and responding to messages on every social media platform is a lot for one person to manage, let alone a Property Manager whose main job is a long list of other responsibilities and attributes not on this list. That’s why we have built a team of social media managers, consultants and content creators to partner alongside you. We like to refer to ourselves as “your in-house digital management team” as it is our aim to provide a partnership experience that feels as though we’re right there with you: new leasing special just dropped? We’ll create custom content and get it published; new mural going up *now*? Not a problem, we’ll send the video crew over straight away.

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We’re better together. Through our 6+ years of partnering alongside Property Managers and Developers, we understand the unique needs of both the partners we work alongside and the communities we serve. We have built a unique management structure that not only allows for efficient communication and daily access to our team but inherently more transparency and therefore a more fruitful partnership. In addition to our distinctive management style, our content speaks for itself. We produce unique content which surrounds each and every brand by creating a “story of place.”

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We've Got Your Back

Our eyes are on your platforms 7x days a week. A review comes in at 10pm? A direct message comes in on the weekend? We reply with immediacy and speed. Nothing waits for Monday.

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We Are Always Engaging

Consider us an extension of your internal leasing team. Just as you are engaging with prospective tenants through email, phone or in person at the community; BlackField Mgmt. will be engaging with them through every digital channel.

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